Drakkar is when the perfect symbiosis of industrial production and quality craftsmanship is at the service of interior design.






glued-down application of Pavés de Paris


Video de Pose des Pavés de Paris

Loose-laid application of Pavés de Paris

See the installation of the end-grain wood


See the automatic glue-spreading machine for the installation of the Pavés de Paris®

OAK vintage oiled transparent.jpg

Pavés de Paris

"Oak vintage oiled Transparent"

 Manufacturer of traditional and contemporary solid wood floors.


DRAKKAR offers you an exclusive opportunity to discover the beauty of Pavés de Paris® end-grain wood flooring, produced and installed using patented methods.



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"Pavés de Paris®" End grain wood floor,
When elegance combines with functionality:

Laying compression:
- No glue
- No nail
- Warmth of wood
- Hardness of stone
- Freestanding
Glue-down method:
- Important areas
- Laying on the floor or wall