Drakkar is when the perfect symbiosis of industrial production and quality craftsmanship is at the service of interior design.






See the glued-down installation of the end-grain wood


Video de Pose des Pavés de Paris

See the video of installation of the end-grain wood

See the installation of the end-grain wood


See the automatic glue-spreading machine for the installation of the Pavés de Paris®


New product

"vieux Paris"

 Manufacturer of traditional and contemporary solid wood floors.


DRAKKAR offers you an exclusive opportunity to discover the beauty of Pavés de Paris® end-grain block wood flooring, produced and installed using methods we have patented.



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"Pavés de Paris®" End grain wood floor,
When elegance combines with functionality:

Laying compression:
- No glue
- No nail
- Warmth of wood
- Hardness of stone
- Freestanding
Glue-down method:
- Important areas
- Laying on the floor or wall